The Summer Edge

  During the summer we will be offering:

  • The Customized Edge Tutoring – Prevent the summer slide, bridge the gaps or just take a look ahead for a more confident school year!
  • The Early Edge Classes for Preschoolers – First Grade (great for KG prep!). Small groups of 2-4 students. Individual attention. Play – Laugh – Learn!
  • The Tech Edge Classes – Uniquely effective classes for the serious programmer! Learn to program like a professional in our small group classes. Strong fundamentals in real life skills. Fun format! Individual attention!
  • Strong FUNdamentals! Math Classes for Second Graders through Algebra 1. Math builds on itself. A strong foundation every year is essential. Classes are highly interactive so we can guide your child’s thought processes and immediately clear up misconceptions. We know where the stumbling blocks are and how to help your child dig deeper… We help them to learn not only How? but Why? Math is NOT Magic! Our classes complement their school classes. We believe in strong numeracy skills at every age. Mental math techniques to build speed and accuracy. No more fingers! Small groups of 2-4 students. Individual attention.
  • Small Group Math Camps– See below.

Small Group Math Camps – Intro to 5th Grade Math and Middle School Math/Algebra 1

It is a fact that colleges regard math very highly and look carefully at every class our child chooses and every grade they earn in high school. But math preparation doesn’t just begin in high school. Math is a subject that builds on itself every year. In order to believe that he or she can earn that A in high school, our child really needs to first earn that A in middle school. And the foundation for middle school is set in elementary school. Beginning successfully leads to confidence and continued success.

Take one week this summer to take the stress off of your child in the fall when they will have 5 other subjects vying for their attention!

We are offering Summer Math Camps for students entering 5th-8th grade or taking Algebra 1 in the fall. Camps are specifically designed using the Seattle Public Schools’ curriculum. The camps are divided into short and effective sessions with small class sizes. The instructors are engineers with extensive tutoring experience. The camps are designed to be fun and interactive.

If you would like to see a different class/time offered,  form a group and propose a class and/or send an email to [email protected] with your preferred timing and we will see what we can do.

You can also checkout The Customized Edge for 1:1 tutoring options or our Strong FUNdamentals! Math Classes.

Why is Studying Math in the Summer so Beneficial?

My 6th grade daughter was having difficulty keeping up in school, most especially in her math class. This led to a lack in confidence and feelings of discouragement. There was a radical change after her math tutoring with Anu, having one to two sessions weekly during the school year and over the summer [along with a summer math camp]. Since starting 7th grade, math has now become her favorite subject! She is achieving better grades and keeping up just fine. This has led to a feeling of confidence and a positive feedback loop, improving her performance in her other classes as well! She enjoys her sessions with Anu, and I appreciate Anu’s teaching ability and sincere efforts in helping my daughter.

Please read more about the purpose behind our programs.


Camp Format and Features

  • Seattle School District Curriculum

We will be using the Common Core Standards and Seattle public school accepted text so the students will feel a sense of continuity when they start classes in the fall. Of course, we will supplement the material as we feel necessary.

  • Interactive Presentation of Concepts

We like to involve our students in the process of arriving at an answer. We will definitely introduce the class material, but but we do not see the benefit in our standing at the white board just solving example problems. We want our students to own the methodology and understand the “why?”. When they help arrive at the answer, they remember how to solve the problem. And they remain interested and enjoy the journey.

  • Motivation and Structure

It is definitely possible to self-study for math, but studying in a class format with peers keeps children structured and motivated and they also learn more from the questions and insights of other students

  • Guidance on how to Present Math Solutions

It is very important to make sure the children know how to attack a problem and how to present their answer. We always emphasize the benefits of sketching the problem, listing the variables and what they mean and then solving the problem systematically and legibly. Messy math is often a breeding ground for careless errors.

  • One-on-one Attention

Classes will be filled on a first come first served basis. Small classes will ensure that each student receives one-on-one attention.

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

There will be plenty of time to work on problems and ask questions. Working problems independently is the only way to master a topic. We will be able to provide the students with plenty of one-on-one attention.

  • Fun Activities/U-Teach

This is the time to further hone their skills through fun games or trying their hand at leading the class through a certain solution. There is nothing quite so effective as teaching if you want to make sure you understand a particular topic and kids love the chance to showcase their skills. We will tailor the activities to match the personalities of the children and in such a way as to build their confidence. We want the kids to walk out of class happy and smiling.

  • Student Evaluation

We feel it is important to communicate with the parents regarding their children and will provide you with feedback. We definitely believe parental involvement is a strong component in a child’s success.

  • You Can!

We know from personal experience that academic accomplishment is not only the result of intelligence and hard work; it requires self-confidence and a positive self-image. We know that an intelligent student can be made to stumble if she believes the subject is just too hard for her and likewise, a struggling student can be made to succeed if he is encouraged and told he can do it. Our goal is to personally encourage and guide each child based on their strengths and needs. We want them to know that we and their parents are rooting for them!

  • Ask the Expert

Once a week, for a short time, we will try and have a high school student or other professional who can talk about the importance of math in their field drop by to help inspire the children and also answer any questions they might have about future options. We would really appreciate it if any parents could drop by and share with the children!


When we asked some of our 6th graders what they thought about camp, here is what they said (they were a bit shy and decided they wanted to write out what they thought before they spoke):

Algebra Camp

Camp Schedule and Tuition – Summer 2020 (To Be Updated)

We have created special offerings in recognition of how essential it is to prepare a child for transitioning to middle school and from middle school to high school.

These camps will provide children with a fun opportunity to look ahead to what is coming. The 6th through 8th grade curricula are very closely related, where one builds on the other. We can use the Seattle Public School curriculum. Succeeding in middle school definitely builds confidence and a strong foundation for high school.

Our aim is to prep students so that when they start math classes in the fall, they feel confident.  Given that math builds on itself, this will help set the tone for the entire year.  Classes will be filled on a first come first served basis.


Small Group Camps: Only 2-4 students in each class, Lots of 1:1 Attention!

  • Intro to 5th Grade Math Camp
  • Intro to 6th Grade Math Camp
  • Intro to 7th Grade Math Camp
  • Intro to 8th Grade Math Camp
  • Intro to Algebra 1 Camp

Camp Schedule

  • August 5-9 (1 week)
  • August 12-16 (1 week)
  • August 19-23 (1 week)
  • August 26-30 (1 week ) (Session 1 is now full )
  • Session 1:  M-F, 9:30 AM to 11:30PM
  • Session 2:  M-F, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Tuition: $495


There are no registration fees. In order to reserve your spot, the full tuition payment is due at the time of registration. Once you have completed the registration form online, the center will contact you with payment details.  Only upon receipt of payment are we able to reserve your student’s spot in class.

In order to withdraw from class, please send an email notification.  A refund, minus $50, will be issued for all email notices received prior to July 5.  No refunds will be issued for notices received on or after July 5.

Due to the complicated logistics when multiple students are involved, group sessions of 2 or more may not be cancelled/rescheduled by students when camps are in session.

Supplies Needed

Please send your child with the following personal supplies:

Curriculum Workbook – based on the current SPS curriculum, we will notify you of where/what to purchase prior to start of class

  • One 1”, 3-ring binder
  • Ruled paper – for working problems and taking notes
  • Graphing paper
  • 2 sharpened pencils
  • A good eraser
  • A calculator
  • 2 white board markers
  • 1 high lighter
  • A water bottle
  • Optional:  A nut-free snack – Nut allergies can be life threatening. Out of respect for the needs of all the children we must maintain a nut-free session. There will be no specially allotted snack time.
  • Light sweater/sweat shirt since the classroom temperature can be cooler than the outside temperature. And Seattle weather is always unpredictable!